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Does prednisone show up in a Drug test? if so, does it show up as a BENZO???

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kaismama 9 May 2013

It might show if they are testing for steroids but i don't believe this is on the routine drug screen. It certainly shouldn't come up as a benzo, but with those things anything is possible.

endlessPred 9 May 2013

Prednisone is a mimic of a natural hormone and is not a drug. As long as you can show your prescription it won't be an issue.

Anonymous 9 May 2013

Hello blakesmama1. Prednisone will not test positive as a benzodiazepine. (if it will, it is a false reading). There are drugs that give false readings such for example, Zoloft (SSRI) as an amphetamine. Regards pledge

happybrandee 9 May 2013

I promise you that it won't come up as a benzo!

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