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Can I take prednisone for body pain?


Nola_mar 8 Aug 2021

Hello! I'm not a doctor so my reply is based on my own experience. I was prescribed it back in 2015 for muscle weakness/pain and joint pain.

Eventually, 3 rheumatologists later and 18 months pass by and I was dx with RA and Lupus. I would barely be able to walk or get up from a seated position, or in/out of vehicle without it.

I want so badly to wean down to 5mg from 10mg, but can't do it fast.

It has a lot of bad side effects if taken over long periods, so I don't recommend you take it for pain (like you would an Advil) unless it's prescribed for pain and you're monitored. It caused early cataracts for me and I need surgery. Be well and be very careful.

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