... conditions? Over the past few years I have been prescribed several muscle relaxers and blood thinners, also metformin and Cymbalta. Within two days the painful swelling is so bad I can barely get from one room to the next.
Doctors and family members say to just keep taking the drug for at least a month and maybe the side effects will go away. I cannot spend my life in bed so I stop the drug.
I also have a positive lupus anticoagulant ( which doctors state is NOT an indication of systemic lupus erythematosus). For a month earlier this year i had the puffy red face typical of Sjogrens disease.
This week I read that some people have drug-induced lupus. Does anyone have experience with having flares or relapses when adding drugs for other reasons? I'm scheduled for a hip replacement and must be on blood thinner injections for a month after. I am terrified that the PMR will make it near impossible to do the walking and therapy required