I changed insurance companies which changed my pharmacy, which may have changed the generic brand of Adderall they use. Now, I'm as ADD and forgetful/annoying/unable to focus as I was in high school before I was (joyfully) introduced to Adderall. It worked like a beautiful dream for 6 years, I mean really there is no way for me to explain how much better my life was on the days I took it (only a couple days a week because it makes me not want to eat). Why isn't it working anymore? I'm taking two times as much as I max previous to this, and I take it every day, and it still does literally nothing except make my heart race for an hour. I'm taking Zoloft too but the problem with the Adderall started months before I was put on Zoloft (only been on it 2 weeks). Is it the generic form or what? I wanna be normal again! P.S. Thank you in advance!