So me and my partner had sex for the first time about four or five days ago ( It was either on Thursday or Friday. I can't really remember.) Well, knowing my luck, the condom slipped off. He pulled out- but he wasn't quite sure whether it was in time or not. He said that if he did come inside of me, then it was only a little bit. We bought a plan B pill the next morning, and I took it immediately. ( I would say that we were able to get it right at the twelve hour mark. Not even twenty four hours had passed).
There has been little to no nausea. I did have heartburn a few hours after taking the pill, and then the next day I was horribly constipated ( which hasn't really happened to me before- not to this degree). I have little to no feminine discharge, and I have yet to start my period. I usually start my period towards the end of the month- so it should be coming on either Wednesday or Thursday ( I will update you guys if possible).
I am eighteen years old, and I just lost my virginity a few days ago. Sadly sex education really isn't a practiced class anymore, so the do's and don'ts are very blurry for me. I'm panicked about the smallest things, as is my partner.
We had sex again ( for the second time) last night, and we used a condom again. ( Keep in mind this was four days after taking the pill). It didn't pop, and it stayed on this time... but we're still paranoid as hell. Are my symptoms normal for having taken the pill five days ago? Should there be more symptoms? Should I expect for my period to be late.. or early? I would love love love some feedback, stories, advice- anything.