The condom broke on the 2nd of October around 5ish, I took a plan b the next day before 9am, my last period was September 16th so I'm pretty sure I could have ovulated. I don" know if this matters but I'm 100lbs. What are my chances of pregnancy and when should my period come. Also does Plan B work if you already have ovulated, and if it does how? I've seen some things saying it makes the lining thinner or mucus thicker but that seems kind of far fetched. I was really horny that day that's why one of the reasons I think I ovulated. I have really bad anxiety so I'm freaking out over this. But my discharge has been really weird, it's been dry and flaky and like yellowish, but really different then usual, and the whole area down there has been super sensitive (I can't even use the soap I normally use down there which is unfortunate because I've been getting a lot of discharge) and it's just been hurting, also it hurts when I pee. But I read a lot of things saying Plan B isn't that effective and it's even more ineffective when your ovulating, and I seen things about people saying they still got pregnant when they took a Plan B especially if they were ovulating. I took the pill as soon as I could so I'm hoping that helped but I didn't feel any symptoms I got slightly nauseous but I think that was my nerves, also I didn't really eat that much that morning so I hope it didn't mess up the pill. Has anyone has experience with Plan B? Does it work or no? Has anyone taken it while ovulating? Any help is really appreciated this whole experience has made me not even want to have sex anymore. I'm really so worried and I don't know if it worked