I'm young and i know I shouldn't be having sex but this was my second time. He was protected but the condom broke while it was full of cum. It was in there broken for about 5 minutes. When we realized I quickly got in shower and washed my privates. Btw I was high during this time. My last period was june 28th and we had sex aug 7th.. This was my 11th day i was in my low fertile days and ovulation should occur like a day or two after... I have a reg 26-28 cycle. I took PLAN B ONE STEP 30-40 minutes after we realized it broke. Am I pregnant? How long should I wait to take a test. I'm young an can't afford to have a baby. I know that the sooner I take it the better if works. Tell me what you know about PLAN B ONE STEP. And should I be stressing so much