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Sugar level is slightly more than 200 for 2 - 3 hours a day, otherwise remains normal, is this ok?


endlessPred 29 May 2012

Hello thomas. I am confused. If you do not have diabetes, how are you able to test your blood sugars? In other words, why do you have a meter.

My friend, here, is correct that you should see a doctor. This is very dangerous to have such fluctuating levels. I have a friend who spent quite a few years not keeping track of her blood sugars. And she had a pump! She just liked to eat. I saw her recently and she is in mid forties and going blind! This is not something for a rainy day. Please have your sugars evaluated and see your doctor to save your sight and limbs. There are very bad effects that come from untreated diabetes. And when it is too late, you won't be able to get better. Do it for the people in your life who depend on you being here. Let us know what the doc says, ok?

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pmishra8888 2 Oct 2017

I do not believe in diabetes. Can someone prove showing data of died people reason declared diabetes. No never
People are there with more sugar level living long life and people also there with normal range sugar dieing.
I am not comfortable with medicines, our body itself is in requirement of glucose, the only thing we must do be active do exercise and enjoy life.

kaismama 28 May 2012

No, its not ok. Whenever a blood sugar is 200 or more for more then 5 min it starts damaging your body. If this is a regular event, it has to be addressed. Is there a specific time of day it goes up? What type diabetes? What meds are being taken for it?

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Thomas Liew 28 May 2012

it is not the specific time of the day but rather the foods that one eats. starchy and high carb foods cause spike on sugar level.

kaismama 28 May 2012

I am aware of that, I was trying to find when this happened in relationship to what was eaten.

Thomas Liew 28 May 2012

whenever you eat starchy n high carb foods, your sugar level is way higher.

kaismama 28 May 2012

I have taught diabetics for 40 yrs, I'm well aware of that. I was trying to figure out why it was 200 at all.

Thomas Liew 28 May 2012

After eating starchy food, if i m sedentary
for 2 hours, my sugar level is 190 --- 240. if i stay physically active, the range will b 140 --- 180. i m not on any medication.

kaismama 28 May 2012

One thing is drink alot of water. Then cut down on starchy foods, and excercise. If you can't stabilize by doing those things, you should see your doctor you may need help from him. Your blood sugar should stay under 120 to try to prevent complications.

Thomas Liew 28 May 2012

if i eat non starchy n low carb food plus exercise, my level stays below 140 all the time. And my fasting sugar is 90 --- 110.
Thanks for your advice, i will drink more water. free discount card

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