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A patient is prescribed 0.25mg of digoxin. Dosage available is 62.5 Mcgs. How many tablets is this?

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WildcatVet 27 Nov 2017

Hi, Nick, 62.5mcgs = 0.625mg x5 = 0.25mg, but this MUST be verified by the prescribing doctor or your pharmacist.

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Stephen Treloar 28 Nov 2017

Hi Wildcat, sorry to be pedantic (just a tiny math error) but it is 4 x 0.0625mg = 0.25mg

NickJB1957 28 Nov 2017

Thanks for getting back to me with your answers, Guys. I can see now how this adds up, I thought it was 4 tablets.
Kind Regards,

WildcatVet 28 Nov 2017

Without a calculator my math skills... that's why I added the disclaimer that questions like this MUST be verified by a professional... :-) free discount card

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