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Panic Disorder - Does Zoloft need increase dosage after 20 years?


Inactive 22 March 2022

Yes, colors of the pills, are differentiate. White Xanax has the lowest mg 0.25 and the Blue Xanax 1mg dosage. That's why you are seeing a change.

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WildcatVet 21 March 2022

Hi, barbie!
Do you mean that your Zoloft is no longer as effective? Depending on your current dosage an increase might help but more likely is that it is "pooping out" on you. This happens commonly with the long term use of an antidepressant.
You'll need to consult with your doctor to discuss your options and one of them may be having to switch to another medications.
Prozac and Paxil are particularly helpful with panic disorder as well as some the older tricyclic antidepressants.
Best regards,

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barbiecorn 21 March 2022

My psychiatrist said that being on 100 mg for so long it just may have pooped out she has increased me to 150 and maybe it’s just in my mind but actually feel better today I’ve tried other antidepressants and They have not agreed with me I tried everyone out there so I’m hoping I just need an increase with me Zoloft has been the best ever.

WildcatVet 21 March 2022

Good luck! Here's hoping the increase works for you and you're feeling better quickly.
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