I started Klonopin .5 mg yesterday. I took one around 4pm with no results, so a took a second around 6pm or so, still no results. By about 9pm I began to feel much calmer, and that was my aim. I slept pretty well and woke up feeling ok. I was told to take .5 mg twice a day so I took one around 9:30 this morning. I have been feeling extremely slugglish and nauseas ever since. I ate breakfast, had a little caffeine hoping it would pep me up a bit, and now I am drinking hot tea hoping it will calm my stomach. Nothing is working. The good thing is I am calmer, I do prefer this to what I was feeling, however I am quite uncomfortable. I don't think I'd be able to work like this. I am super lethargic. Do you think this will get better in time? Should I maybe take half a dose when I really need to move? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!