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Can oxycodone cause swelling of feet and ankles?

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kaismama 24 Jul 2013

No it won't do that. If you're having it, its most likely fluid and that would be either a kidney or heart problem. In any case you should see your dr. about it.

faymom 11 Jan 2014

Actually you are mistaken, swelling of the feet and ankles is a side effect of Oxycodone.

JohnB007 3 Mar 2015

kaismama is wrong. Oxycodone can indeed cause oedema of ankles / feet. It is in the literature regarding side effects, albeit a 1 in 100 or less incidence. It does it to me as well.

Justmax36 21 Sep 2017

Actually he is only half wrong. Yes, oxycodone, moreover higher doses of the immediate release, Oxycodone HCL can indeed cause swelling as can heart and kidney problems. But most likely if it's happening when you're taking the oxycodone, it could just be the oxycodone or, the oxy could be putting some undue strain on your heart or most likely kidney and causing swelling. But in either case, having had this issue for both, all three actually. Just plain old swelling(too much salt, not enough exercise-and actually I thought I was in pretty good shape, height, weight, apparently none of that matters, different medications, ie..ibuprofen, anti-inflammatories, and on and on) and then finding out I had a heart issue and then after being on it long term it was causing a mild kidney strain. Because I was on several other medications that caused mild kidney issues.

Monique46 27 Jun 2017

In my own personal exsperience the answer is a definite YES. Every time i take percocet i have pitted edema in my legs and feet
Sometimes in my hands. I do not have reason for it though. Just that the swelling is bad when i take the percocet. I do not have that problem when not taking percocet. free discount card

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