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How do I get an OTC card so I can get things at the drugstore?

14 Answers

deejoe 11 April 2023

to help with the cost of otc medication.

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Pwilliams1968 23 Feb 2023

I would like an OTC card for the pharmacy

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JMO199999 10 June 2022

Also i can buy food with the card

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mohini1 9 Feb 2022

for hygiene purpose

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mary waller 9 March 2021

I have a card and am trying to activate it

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Rmaciag 8 Dec 2020


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EmmaLloyd 16 Sep 2020

How do i get an OTC card so I Card so I get things at the drugstore

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Elizabeth218 25 March 2020

You fill out a form, then register, and wait to see if you qualify.

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cherylkerr 22 Oct 2019

with an o t c card

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TorieNena22 13 April 2019

To get an OTC card you will need to go on line and apply.

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I need things at the drugstore and otc can help me

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Priscilla ann Smith 7 Nov 2018

Go to Google, type in how to get a o t c card.fill out the form push enter.

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murphy 13 July 2018

To get a discount card go to and click the "Discount Card" link.

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Michellelumetta 13 July 2018

The cashier will be able to give you a "savings card" and after you check out, it may award you with a discounts...


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