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How do I apply for an OTC drug card?

72 Answers

Beautyofmine09 28 Aug 2023

I called a number I got offline to help me now all we have to do is Google information

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Maria1961 25 Jan 2022

you can call 1-888-682-2400 they open 24hrs 7 days a week

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pravin2508 25 Dec 2021


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stvargas 12 Nov 2021

i want my otc card

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t24782000 21 Feb 2021

All the answers I have seen pertaining to the question of how to get an otc card are pretty much useless, and don't give any direct answer. Google it, apply online. Those are not answers. What I have managed to find out so far is that this is tied to either Medicare or Medicaid. Furthermore, you have to have the correct plan to be eligible. My SIL has it (the otc) and she has a medicare advantage plan. I have a Medigap policy and can find no offers tied to that. Apparently it does not have anything to do with how much your monthly subscription for Medicare costs either. She pays $9 a month and gets $150 a quarter in benefits on the otc (since covid-was $50). I pay over $200 a month and so far I can not find any such benefit attached to my insurance.

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Summer2021 20 Oct 2020

Please, need one for my dad. He has Alzheimer’s. Thank you.

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amshelton55 15 June 2020


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sweetnesscandy 5 May 2020

I apply for OTC to help me with cough medicine & things can not afford over the counter.

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Lillyandre 21 April 2020

That is what I looking for it.

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JoelRolle 24 March 2020

Google it

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Maggy2331 23 March 2020

How do I apply for otc card

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lyriasplace3 8 March 2020

I applied for OTC through their website.

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dianemcorbin 9 Feb 2020

im trying to obtain an OTC drug card please help

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Cristyn 12 Jan 2020

I can apply by providing the information required.

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Mariela79 29 Dec 2019

Call customer service number

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