Im on the beginning of week two of my combined pill, in the first week i was a few hours late taking two of the pills (not in a row, roughly 4-5 hrs late, next day after each was taken on time) i still had one pill everyday. In this time I had both protected and unprotected sex a few times as my long distance bf was visiting. He never ejaculated in me but I am aware of the myth of the pull out method. Last night a few hours after being intimate (unprotected) I noticed a small amount of pinkish/orange upon wiping, then the morning a small amount in my panties, it stopped then has now resumed this evening. I have been taking the pill for nearly three months now, this has never happened, I have cramps as well. The sex was a little uncomfortable at times as I've only had sex a few times so there was some tearing and i was not properly lubricated. my first time having sex in this time frame was wed, and last was late Saturday night. I am mostly concerned that I am at risk for pregnancy. What could this be? Please help