My doctor prescribed me Zoloft to help with my anxiety and and insomnia, however I wasn't given much of a guide for it. I took 1 pill last night but had a bad reaction, insomnia, aggression, irritation, thoughts of death, my anxiety spiked. They told me to stop taking it so I didn't take anymore however I have to be up at 4 am to work a 13 hour day shift at the hospital. I normally take melatonin but I am also currently sick with a cold and wanted to take melatonin to put me to sleep because that usually knocks me out. I'm scared that even though I took it 24 hours ago and it should have left my system by now I can still suffer from toxicity. Yes I am a nurse yes I should know this but I am also extremely worried about overdosing accidentally because I work in the psych department and see it a lot. I just want to be safe.