... doesn't bother me, but it bothers him due to his penis rubbing against it. He has such a bad reaction to it and it even gave him a rash. My question is this: how long can the ring be out for before I put it back in? Can I put the same ring back in if it's been out all night or do I need to put in a new one? Also I am not worried about getting pregnant because he's had a vasectomy, the reason I'm on it is due to the very heavy, painful and irregular periods I was having. With this in mind what are my options? Last month I actually had the ring out all night and reinserted the same one the next morning. What I noticed was that although I was nearing the end of the 3 week cycle this caused my period and symptoms to come early. I actually started spotting before it was time to take the ring officially out. Was this due to the ring being out all night? Or was this a crazy coincidence? If it is due to the ring being out all night do I use a brand new one the next day? Reinsert the one that was in? Or just let myself have a period?