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Nitrofurantoin - Can u take nitrofurantion if u have sulfa allergy?

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madalenmarie 15 Nov 2014

Macrobid is NOT a sulpha drug however, it IS an antibiotic that contains sulphites. Makes a difference for us sensitive types . I found this out after ending up in the ER with a septic condition affecting my kidneys. I'd been prescribed macrobid 3 successive times trying to beat a chronic UT I . MD even asked each visit, as did the pharmacy," You're allergic to sulpha antibiotics right?"still...

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Inactive 29 Sep 2018

I'm very allergic to sulfites so after reading this I have decided not to take macrobid but I can't find any place that verifies it had sulfites. Can someone send reputable info that it does or doesn't?

DzooBaby 23 Jan 2013

You should be able to. Nitrofurantoin is only effective for UTIs though. It doesnt work for any other type of infection-it is bladder/urinary tract specific. Be sure that your doc is aware of any allergies you have and also notify your pharmacy- this way, if your doc misses an allergy, your pharmacy can cross reference it and hopefully prevent you from getting an antibiotic that will cause reaction.

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kaismama 21 Jan 2013

You should be able to, its not a sulfa drug.

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nitrates 22 Nov 2013

I am allergic to sulfur antibotics so my Doctor prescribed Nitrofurantoin for a UTI. Everyone should read the prescriptions that will interfer or have a reaction to this drug. Go to websites, one of the major top ten things to stay away from is sodium nitrites, which is in many foods, some pretty high. Well I sat down and had a big piece of ham and developed hives. Not sure if the nitrites were amplified by the medication or not. I also took some probiotics which had lactobacillus acidophilus also on the list for adverse effects. I believe that some foods may also react to medications. So if you food sensitive or not, stay away from the sodium nitrites in food while on this medication. Who knows for sure, maybe I am allergic to this one also free discount card

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