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Nicoderm CQ - what if patch falls off during a shower?

4 Answers

Liliarayne 23 April 2017

Can you shower with patch on

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mbottitta 16 April 2011

I put my patch on after I shower, If I am going swimming. I put a 4x4 bandaid
bandage over it with adheive tape to ensure it stays on. Or another alternitive is an ace bandage. :)

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bamapride 15 April 2011

I've also have had this problem in the past.I've taped it on before getting into shower,also taped baggie over patch.It doesnt seem to interfere with dosage of patch..I try to take my shower early in morning,before putting on patch.Also have used a piece of nicoret gum early on in the shower,if needed..But,doesnt seem like the shower effects the patch unless you really saturate it,have wore it at the beach with no problem.Have used to wipe area with alcohol before putting patch on to swim..Good luck

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Nik.Nikita 3 April 2011

Leannes, the patches are time released, so I wouldn't apply another one until it's time for your next dose. Too much Nicotine in your system can make you very sick. I've tried them myself, and couldn't use them because they made me so I'll. I'm trying the lozenges now. They have a 2nd or a 4mg dose. Whatever you do, please don't take Chantix. it is a very nasty, dangerous drug. It cause really bad dreams, paranoia, aggression, anxiety. It caused a really calm, gentle person to go into a terrible rage and attack someone like a lunatic. Good Luck with quitting smoking, I'm trying too also and it's so hard. NIK

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Puccerini 13 July 2011

I have tried the patch know this will be my 4th time.I smoke why'll I was on it.
I have been smoke free know for 4 days and have not smoke.but I do have trouble keeping them on. I have to put bandades on the ends or tape.some times when I get real sweaty I have to take the other patch off and then aply a new one.
I have great dreams some people don't like it.but not me it's a free movie... I do find myself getting up alot. but not craving a smoke.I do alot of praying, and calling my friends.keeping myself busy helps and eating good foods... and if I don't have to work I get a good movie and go lay down and watch and fall asleep.Plus I find works drink some relaxing tea.
Good luck, do what ever it takes to keep your patch on. free discount card

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