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I have the Nexplanon for 2yrs now..major hair loss..should I have it taken out?


Vanadium123 25 Oct 2018

Ive had Kyleena for 6months and for the past month I have had major hair loss. Its not listed, but I believe it is common because I have two other friends that are having similar issues. (One is Mirena)

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Stephen Treloar 21 Dec 2016

It is listed as a less common side effect here: . However the FDA document does not list it but urges you to see your pcp if there are any side effects you are concerned with:

I'm not sure where the list came from as two of the side effects seem pretty male oriented "difficulty getting or maintaining an erection" and "difficulty with ejaculation" (okay, I laughed... a lot) all of the rest seem to be directed at women. I would have it removed.

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