I am 28 yrs old. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child at 6 yrs old. Back then i was put on ritalin. I took that until the age of 12yrs. I have suffered from major depression and anxiety ever since I can remember and have been on countless medications throughout my life for anxiety and depression. Finally In Dec. of 2009 I was talking with my phychiatrist and thought maybe all my problems were really steming from the fact that I never out grew my ADHD. So I started on strattera. We gradually upped the dose to 80mg but I had to stop it becasue of my nausea with the upped dose in June. I actually felt like it was stating to help :-( So now the Doc put me on Vyvanse. Problem is I get nausea with alot of meds and this one has started of the bat making me sick and I also feel jittery. Does anybody else have problems with nausea and alot of medications? Does andbody else with ADHD find a med to treat it that doesnt make them nauseated? Also am I supposed to fell jittery... or will that go away with time? Im in school and need to take something for my concentration but not willing to if Im always sick to stomach... I need help