I was diagnosed with type 2 3.5 moths ago. My A1C was 10.8. Lost some weight, changed diet, exercise more and take Janumet. My A1C yesterday was 5.5.so it is clearly effective. But, the side effects: lethargic, abdomen pain, flu like feeling, and the worst - blurred vision and sensitivity to light. I have checked my blood sugar when I have the vision problems and sometimes it may be in the 80's - low 100's. I took myself off Janumet and a blood pressure medicine. My dr knew about stopping the Janumet temporarily but my blood pressure went up. I have two questions... 1. Could the Janumet be the cause of the side effects and vision issues? 2. I have read it is good to take metformin continuously even if you can control your blood sugars without medicine. is that true?

Thanks to all.