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My drug test came up positive for methamphetamine & amphetamine, what meds would cause this?

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christineATU 3 Apr 2010

No "medication" causes methamphetamine to show up on a drug screen.

needsumanswers 6 Sep 2010

Well I just read several articles that several things will cause a false positive. Such as, I had a bad cold and used alot of nasal spray with phenylephrine and tested pos. for methamphetamine but not amphetamine. First of all, my body is extremely pure from all drugs and will always be that way. I have never even been tempted. But to test positive for methamphetamine and know in your deepest heart true to god and the worshiping of my body I am puzzled about my results. I believe with how much I studied this once I got my test it can be true. I just don't know why amphetamine came up negative. I thought that Meth would fall under that catagory. If you find new info, can you please help me with the truth. I live in a very small town, didn't even have a clean catch ua and they still went by those results, yet they declined when I asked them to test my blood. Now why would that be, especially when I have a very neg. relationship with the (male) nurse who took my sample. PLS HELP even though your answer was against what I'm telling you. GOD BLESS!

christineATU 6 Sep 2010

I'm trying to answer using my cell phone. When I get my PC back from the repair shop, I will post some articles I have bookmarked on this very subject. It basically states that so many different factors can cause false positives. In one study, 30% of test subjects showed positive for amphetamine when no drugs were present at all. I believe you when you said it should not have been positive. I will definately post the articles for you when I get my pc back. I am sorry for assuming the worst. chris

jaypee 29 Apr 2011

Adderall does.samething happend to me.i asked the dr why did he put meth amphetamine.he gave me some lame answer.i didnt appreciate it 1 bit. but adhd meds will caus epositive drug screens.

KellyW74 28 Mar 2012

i take prescribed diet pills that will make me test positive for methamphetamines. there are so many foods, and otc meds that can make u have a false positive. Alot of doctors,social workers etc. are not up to date on these things which can cause alot of problems that can be avoided

babybella 20 Aug 2012

Right, it's the doctors and social workers that aren't up to date on these things...

babyhey 10 May 2013


Bell1998 7 Jun 2017

Theraflu cold and sinus will cause falsely for amphetime

krheabloom 15 Feb 2018

I am new, so please be kind. I am a lab tech and performed drug testing for several years. This was before I was ran over by a truck, crushing my back and pelvis. Since my injuries, my opinion has changed drastically about pain meds. I am ashamed to admit I believed everyone that came to the ER, with back pain just wanted drugs. Now I understand how much a back injury can hurt. There is no way to describe it accurately enough.

Misskitty1973 6 Dec 2016


m2matRN 3 Apr 2017

It is 100% without a doubt your Adderal. Methamphetamines is the same thing as Amphetamines.

krheabloom 15 Feb 2018

Okay, m2matRN, I gotta call ya on this one. They are not the same thing! That"s like saying Xanax and Valium are the same thing. Huge difference. Same family, yes, they are both in the benzodiazapine family, but completely different. For example, you are part of a family, but probably very different from your brother or sister, right? As of date, there are hundreds of OTC drugs like Afrin, Vicks Formula 44 , Prozac, Prilosec, Zantac, etc. I could go on and on.

Masoon 26 Apr 2017

Benzedrex can, I just recieved a false positive. They will hopefully catch the mistake in the lab.

Masoon 26 Apr 2017

Propylhexedrine is the drug name, I think.

Tigewoman 31 Aug 2017

Rantanadine which is generic Zantac. Just happened to my husband so his sample had to b sent to a lab and he has to wait another week to go to work!! He's never done drugs in his life!!

Peejaycee 18 Sep 2017

EMSAM, Selegiline (sp) will. Especially if you start wearing it 24 hours and previously wore it for only partial days, which since it's burned through so fast, will look even worse.

So can Zantac + Phenergan, along with Mucinex. free discount card

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