For the past approx. 4 days, from Wednesday until now, Sunday,, my cat has gone poop twice, once not last night but the night before and once Thursday morning. He seems to be peeing less as well. I thought he had a blockage so I brought him to the vet who said otherwise. Last night I found half of a chewed up gelcap surrounded by the beads from inside the gelcap of a Propranolol HCL 60MG SA. I assume the cat ate the propranolol on Wednesday. He is acting fine, just a little more vocal than usual. He's not clumsy or lethargic or tired. Although he is eating less. Can someone please tell me the toxicity of propranolol to cats/give me some advice on what I should do? In other words, is this an emergency? The cat is 2 years old and is an indoor cat.