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Monistat 3 - Can we pee and if we do, what if the suppository falls out?


DzooBaby 29 March 2012

Be sure to place the suppository high up in the vagina not just within the opening. You can expect, as it melts, that some will drain out and that is normal but if the whole suppository is falling out then you didnt place it high enough up in the vagina. Be sure that you pee prior to putting in the suppository then hopefully it has time to melt and disperse before you need to void again. If you lost a whole suppository shortly after placing it in the vagina, you may need an extra treatment.

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Glodayz 30 March 2012

Ok thank u for the info!! This is my first time using this , and I wasn't too sure how it works.. Now ill know to put it in higher! free discount card

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