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Monistat-1 - How Long do I have to wait to use restroom/shower after I applied monistat 1?


kaismama 7 Aug 2014

You are supposed to use it before you go to bed. Take your shower, go to the bathroom, then go to bed and use it. Then it will stay there all night.

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DzooBaby 7 Aug 2014

I agree. Also no sex until treatment is complete.

MarzHarry 18 May 2018

This did not answer the question. Im tired of the answer for every question being “take it before bed” does that mean 8 hours? 5? Everyone sleeps differently so what is the amount of TIME

Dbaby 24 Aug 2018

Sooooo... can I pee or not after because I’m taking monistat 7 because I have a uti and the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection I used the bathroom and everything but again I still get the urge to pee free discount card

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