I had unusual discharge and itching (to be honest I don't remember how long it was going on) so i got Monistat 1 as ive had a yeast infection before, two days ago I used the oval thing and it began to feel better. Yesterday I cleaned the area with the provided sanitary cloth and then put on the cream and went on with my day, when we came back I peed and cleaned the area again as the cream came off during the day, and reapplied the cream, it began to burn right after I used it but slowly faded and I forgot about it, I went to the bathroom and it almost feels like a bladder infection (sometimes I'll go pee and it won't burn at all??) and I still have clumpy discharge.. Did I mess up the medication, have a bladder infection, or possibly a more serious vaginal infection?
Or am I just worrying and this is normal?