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Will mirtazapine cause my sugar to rise. i am diabectic.?


Inactive 3 Jan 2012

Hello seabdodo. Yes it can. Best of wishes,pledge

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robo 16 June 2009

There doesn't appear to be any problems taking mirtazapine if you have diabetes.

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andor 25 Oct 2009

"Doesn't appear to be any problems ... " is not an acceptable reply.
The question is clear, so should be the answer.
The question requires a simple YES/NO and medical references to your the answer.
If you are not 100% sure what the answer is then you are not helping much with a "doesn't appear... " reply.

andor 25 Oct 2009

Answer to the question can be found here:

"Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders:frequent: thirst; infrequent: dehydration, weight loss; rare: gout, SGOT increased, healing abnormal, acid phosphatase increased, SGPT increased, diabetes mellitus."

So robo's answer is nothing more than a wild guess. free discount card

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