I have been prescribed 15mg of mirtazapine after telling my GP I need help with transitioning into a normal sleep routine. I have worked night shifts for 6 years now and will be starting day shifts in June. I started working nights because I couldn’t sleep at night due to 2 very traumatic events. I have spent over £700 on CBT and whilst it helped I know I can’t just switch to day mode without some kind of pill to help with sleeping! I have now come to realise I am a bit depressed and that’s also why I’ve been prescribed mirtazapine as the doctor said it will also help me sleep.
So my questions are: will I still put on weight if I exercise a lot? (I go to the gym 3 times a week)
I have a week off work before starting my new job and I plan on starting mirtazapine then, is a week long enough to get over any very debilitating side effects?
When I eventually stop taking it will my insomnia return?