I have been prescribed this for a tooth infection last night around 9pm I have my last pill and around an hour later I think what the hell I'll have a beer it's done now and one wont hurt, I drink literally half of a 330ml can and that's it I felt nothing bad at all. So I go to bed and wake up at 6am feeling dizzy and like I'm about to faint and sick as a dog although I didn't actually throw up. I lie down and feel better and go to sleep and I've just woken up feeling a little groggy. but OK.

Anyway my dentist prescribed this and told me to wait 24 hours before drinking and I know I already broke this rule but my tooth wasn't hurting anymore and figured it was the usual don't drink as it makes the medicines less effective. Obviously this isn't the case but looking online now people are saying I should wait longer before drinking but my dentist said 24 hours.

So here is to problem - I took my last pill at 9pm Friday however at 10am on Sunday I will be arriving at a festival for the day where I plan to drink. When I was first prescribed it I thought great I'll be all clear of this by 9pm Saturday night just in time for my festival Sunday.

So basically on arrival to the festival it will have been 37 hours since I last took a pill. If my dentist said 24 hours but online says 48, is 37 long enough to not worry about these side effects?