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Methadone - how long before takes effect?


fall queen 17 April 2010

jasper5523, Methadone used for drug withdrawal ( like a methadone clinic that answer can vary. It depends on how much and what types of opiates you are withdrawing from. Most programs will take your weight, age and severity of withdrawal into account. a normal starting dose is usually 30 or 40 mgs. Your body will send it into your bloodsteam in about 45 minutes at the longest. It peaks in about 2 hours. If you are starting a program they will give you about four days in with to up the dosage or bring it down. Once you reach what is known as your "comfort zone". you should be fine and ready to return to a productive lifestyle again. I will offer my apologies ahead of time because some people feel like you are a "junkie" if you are on a program. I am not offended by that word or any reason a person might choose to get help. Now all is really the same if you are on pain management
but they may start you on a higher dose. My p/m dr. has me on 20 ten mgs tablets a day( thats 200mgs) split up during the course of the day I do not usually take anywhere near that but it is quite expensive now that I do not have insurance so whatever is left at the end of the month is being stockpiled if you will, in the event something happens and I can no longer get there. My last question is if you are getting methadone off the streets that's bad business in the event that you take too much or are trying to get high. Methadone deaths have increased all over the country. It stays in your system from 48 to72 hours so it can build up very fast and could be fatal. Your question was a bit vague in the sense that I guess before I offer any advice it's good to know just a little bit more. Be safe, hope that helps. Fall Queen

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mpvt 17 April 2010

you should notice a difference within a hour after dosing. You won't get any high off methadone as it is extremely different than all other opiates/opioids. It lasts a minimum of 24 hrs so don't take more than what the doctor prescribed...

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