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Is metformin safe for someone allergic to sulpher?

4 Answers

suzanne66 25 Sep 2013

Yes, you can safely take Metformin if you are allergic to sulpha drugs.

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masso 24 Sep 2013

It belongs to the drug class of non-sulfonylureas.

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DzooBaby 24 Sep 2013

If you mean you are allergic to the antibiotic, it is sulfa (not sulpher-totally different chemical) short for sulfonomides ( a type of antibiotic) Metformin is not a sulfonomide.

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kaismama 24 Sep 2013

A you're not allergic to sulpher, you're allergic to sulfonamides. There is a big difference. You can take metformin..

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casqrlb8 13 Jan 2017

Please don't be an idiot. The question is allergic to SULPHUR. The mineral. Many are, as I am.

Inactive 12 Oct 2017

i made an account just to respond to casqrlb8, which is pretty sad actually. No one is allergic to just sulfur, because this element (found on a periodic table) is essential to life and you would not be able to exist. You are either allergic to sulfonamides or sulfites. While it is true that both chemicals have the element sulfur in their chemical structures, the similarities end there. Sulfonamides are mostly found in drugs like antibiotics, while sulfites and their derivatives are found in processed foods and you should avoid sulfur dioxide, potassium bisulfate, etc. FYI sulfur dioxide is not just sulfur (its literally the sulfur element attached to two oxygen groups which makes it radically different from just sulfur) similar to how the oxygen we breath is O2 (two oxygens attached to each other) and the ozone layer in the sky is O3 (three oxygens attached to each other)-the two are very different even though they both have oxygen as a common element. Hope this helps! free discount card

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