Dear members, I am new to this site as a member but have been frequently visiting it for self-education purposes for a while now. My main concern is that no medication on the market has seemed to work for me. I was initially diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder then Depression and finally ADHD. Currently I am seeing a new psych and am taking medications for Insomnia (Trazodone—50 mg); ADHD (Vyvanse—60mg) and Bipolar (Divalproex—500 mg twice). When i started off ADHD medications I had tried everything Concerta at 148 mg, Vyvanse at 60 mg, Adderall at 60 mg, Dexedrine at 30 mg and Ritalin at 10 mg—didnt really increase Ritalin. I have also mixed and matched medications like Vyvanse 60mg with 20 mg Adderall and nothing seemed to defeat my ADHD symptoms. That is I would still loose focus, take long to do my readings, be forgetful, feel tired throughout the whole day etc. For about a week I have been taking Divalproex and just yesterday I was prescribed 60 mg Vyvanse and 50 mg Trazodone. Forgot to mention that I have been on 40 mg Celexa and 30 mg of Rozerem.

My question is that is it possible an individual might not react to any medications or do I just have a high tolerance or possibly another underlining issue such as thyroid. Would really appreciate the feedback and support !