intercourse. On April 30th I called my gynecologist and told her that I had intercourse on the 27th and the 29th and found out I didn't have my ring in after I had sex on the 29th. I remember checking before intercourse on the 27th that it was in, after that I have no idea. She told me to take plan b and "put in the nuvaring after what appears to be a period." She was talking about the bleeding that some women experience after taking plan b I assume. So ring cycle-wise I should have taken out the ring on the 12th of this month and normally I would have gotten my period 3 days later. Obviously, I haven't gotten it. It is now May 23rd, and I've never been this late. I recently read that you shouldn't go more than a week without the nuvaring which is news to me. I've taken two pregnancy tests and they've both been negative but that doesn't really give me any peace of mind. Has anyone experienced this? What's my next step? The waiting and wondering is agonizing.