Hello! Just started taking Zoloft recently ( 25mg first 14 days then supposed to up to 50mg) I'm actually on day 4 and the side effects are really freaking me out. I've struggled for as long as I can remember with anxiety ( Health Anxiety to be exact ) it's taken me MANY years to accept anxiety and panic is what's caused my physical symptoms and now I'm finally accepting it... and the medication to help me but I'm having a hard time. My symptoms include a spacey, unsteady feeling, muscle tension in my neck and shoulders As well as mild nausea and major headaches.. not to mention more anxiety. I've never taken any kind of med like this before and honestly it's major effort for me to take a simple Advil just because of the way I am. I'm scared of everything it seems. Any advice of personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Everyday I think I'm sick with something major... but I keep telling myself it's the medication trying to work. Curious when side effects will subside and the meds will start to work. I'm ready to feel normal!!