Today is day 7 of taking Effexor XR 37.5mg... After I take it, I feel like everything is heightened as far as feeling anxious and emotional. I cry at the drop of a hat. Tomorrow I start 75mg and I'm scared of what it will do. Everyone who has tried Effexor has told me I have to give it time. I am aware of withdrawals when tapering. I'm 30 and my anxiety and depression have come back with a vengeance after being under control for so long with Celexa until it wore off. I went in and asked the Dr. about taking Effexor or Lexapro and she said Lexapro was about the same as Celexa so I chose Effexor. I am trying to give it time but at this point I feel I don't know if I will ever adjust. It also gives me a brain fog. I have tried just about everything before Celexa. She wrote me 2mg of Valium 2x day, which I don't take all of that. Just as needed. I just want to know how you all felt on Effexor starting out and will it get better?