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How long does Xtandi extend your life?


Stephen Treloar 15 Nov 2014

Xtandi is an anti androgen medication primarily used in the treatment of prostate cancer. It may have a use in women with abnormally high Testosterone levels but the drug monograph does not indicate what women use it for except that it may have off label uses.

I don't think anyone can predict how long it will extend the life of a prostate cancer sufferer as there are too many factors involved.

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RxKnowledge 15 Nov 2014

That is an impossible question to answer. Since studies cannot accurately predict "time left" in the patients they were studying, they can only guess. In my best guess, normally prostate cancer is not treated unless it is thought they will already live on average ten+ years. However, Xtandi is indicated in metastatic cancer as well. With metastatic cancer the prognosis is variable. If the cancer spreads to vital places, it might only extend life a few days to months, if the cancer were in less vital areas, it may be years. This question is best answered by a doctor or pharmacist who deals strictly with chemotherapy agents as they are the most well versed in the issue.

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