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How long does Viibryd stay in your system?

3 Answers

Mmjellis 27 June 2015

I was admitted to the hospital yesterday with septic pneumonia. It's Saturday 6pm I took my last 40 mg dose of Viibryd at 7am on Thursday. I began nearly uncontrollably weeping at 2 pm today. The hospital just told me they don't have Viibryd and that I will be fine until I am discharged on Tuesday. If I am weeping after 60 hrs, what will I be like at 135 hrs? How can a hospital not have or not get a drug that a patient needs?

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4N Substances 27 Sep 2013

Hi Sparky,
While our guru Marvel gave you a technical and correct reply, I will respond from my own experience. I metabolize Viibryd very rapidly. While the half-life is said to be around 24 hours, it only lasts about 18 for me. My Dr, for a time, had me taking 20 in the PM along with my 40 in the AM. Otherwise I would wake up feeling itchy, headachy etc. This has now resolved and my system has accepted a 40 mg daily dose, taken in the AM. Is there anything else we can clarify for you? Was your question more related to how long it would remain in the system to show up on a blood/urine test? You didn't give us enough information to help further.
Best Regards,

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Sparky246 27 Sep 2013

Thank you both for answering my question. The reason for asking is because my Dr. had me on it for a month. I used the sample pack to titrate up and I was having bad side effects when I got to 40 mg. Headaches diareaha,stomach aches. I was wondering how long the Viidryd would stay in my system.

4N Substances 27 Sep 2013

Sparky did you discontinue Viibryd? Those side effects are very common but typically resolve. For me and many others the drug has been life changing. Some found the side effects too uncomfortable. Others dropped down to a lower dose and titrated up more slowly. Where does this leave you? Please keep us posted :)
Your Friend,

4N Substances 27 Sep 2013

I also added you as a friend. This allows you to send a "private message" if you prefer. Good luck to you.

mrsabs 6 March 2015

I went from 10 to 20 and then 30. On the lower dosages I had the normal side effects, on the 30 I started developing horrible muscle pain in my legs. the pharmacist says 3% of people have that side effect. My Dr. had me taper back and I am currently on 10 per day but still having the horrific muscle pain. Will this eventually go away? Anyone have a clue? Thanks

Marvell 26 Sep 2013

Elimination of Viibryd (vilazodone) is primarily by hepatic metabolism with a terminal half-life of approximately 25 hours.

It takes approximately 5.5 x terminal half life for the medicine to be out of your system. So, in a healthy adult Viibryd should be cleared in (5.5 x 25 hours = 137.5 hours or slightly more).

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