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How long does it take to see results with Metanx?


GeorgeSteenburgh 24 Feb 2013

See the METANX website.

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eggdust 24 Feb 2013

I have seen the website, it doesn't really say. I thought someone might have personal info on this.. Thank You.

GeorgeSteenburgh 24 Feb 2013

As best I know it varies. My problem is in the feet and I felt changes after four or five days. Your problem will not go away 100%. Continue research on the web.

eggdust 24 Feb 2013

Ok thank you . :)

Jeffrey Dorfman 14 Aug 2013

The information packet says the average time frame to begin to see results is about 3 weeks. Some may experience a change sooner than others.

eggdust 15 Aug 2013

I've been taking metanx for a few months now and am seeing great results!!

Jeffrey Dorfman 15 Aug 2013

That's good news. I will start taking it tomorrow. Looking forward to the same results as you.

kaismama 23 Feb 2013

What results are you expecting? They're just vitamins.

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eggdust 24 Feb 2013

I was told this would help with my balance problems. Perepheral neuropathy caused by diabeties. I've only been taking Metanx for 7 days. I just wanted to know when I would see results. Thank you.

kaismama 24 Feb 2013

Are you taking anything else for the neuropathy.

eggdust 24 Feb 2013

I just found out last month, no I'm not taking anything else. free discount card

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