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I had a precription for Metanx but my pharmacy gave meDuleek-Met. Is this a generic substitute?


suzanne66 11 Dec 2010

As I understand it both products are the same - they both contain methylfolate with Vitamin B6 and B12. So yes Duleek-Met is a generic substitute for Metanx.
To confirm call your pharmacy and check.

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derickshunter 25 Oct 2011

I haven't heard of that brand. I do currently know that all the generic forms of Metanx are being discontinued. If you want, go to brand direct health and you can get the original Metanx for $144 for 3 months, or $48 for one month.

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frankdotter 24 Jul 2012

I take 2 Metanx tablets a day. How much would that cost for 3 months? You say you pay $144 for 3 months. Is that one a day or two?

tarusbaby 20 Aug 2013

This is what I was quoted - $144./3mos supply (180 pills). I see they have a coupon (RX Savings Card) to save up to 75% on prescription. Has anyone tried to us this at Brand Direct Health site?

derickshunter 21 Aug 2013

This price is for 2 a day(180 tablets for 3 months). None of the prescription discount cards can get you down to this price I tried them all!!

davefromberkeley 23 Oct 2013

I take 2 tablets of Metanx daily and purchase them from Brand Direct Health. I order the 90 tablet bottle (a 45 day prescription) and pay $76/bottle, including shipping. They have the best price I've ever found. free discount card

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