Until a month ago I took 10 mg Zyprexa, 40 mg Celexa, and 50 mg levothyroxine.

My psychiatrist switched my 10 mg Zyprexa to 10 mg Abilify.
I started to feel restless and anxious so my psychiatrist told me to reduce to 20 mg Celexa few days ago.

Now for the levothyroxine issue:
Few days ago I updated my family doctor that I stopped to take Zyprexa and she told me to stop to take levothyroxine also because of that.
I started to stop levothyroxine only yesterday.
I have fast heartbeats, and excessive alertness, I might be feeling hypotheroidism symptomps.
So I understand that hypothyroidism staying time in system is depends on thyroid hormones levels in your body.
So how much will I have to wait until feeling a relief?