I was diagnosed with BP2 and PTSD a couple of years ago, have a strong family history and typically only seek treatment when depressed, sound familiar???
The depression started three years ago, I tried Lexapro which helped somewhat but it's seem to really escalate the mania about seven months later so I came off of it. Ive also tried Wellbutrin but couldn't handle the headache/side effects.
I was started on Lamictal 25mg a week and a half ago to be taken every night and the only side effect of experience been so far is some insomnia, however I feel more tired and depressed and don't increase my dosage to 50mg until next week.
I've been reading some older posts on here but just wondering if anyone had any perspective for me. It is really scary to be reading how familiar are all of the stories sounds when people compare themselves to guinea pigs and medical experiments especially after watching my family member go through this and now experiencing myself, I'm terrified and so discouraged.
I agreed to try this because obviously I feel so lousy, but also I'm hoping that it keeps me from having distractive behavior that know in hindsight looking back I can admit to, but when I'm going through it I cannot.
I have a great life and wonderful people around me and really don't want to jeopardize it or burden anyone with what I'm going through. Thanks for listening