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How long do we have to be out of house for after spraying vet kem siphotrol 2000?


WildcatVet 22 Sep 2014

Hi, Patterson! I'd only add that anyone with respiratory problems, asthma, or COPD stay out for several hours while the house airs.
Be sure to spray all surfaces ~ even wood, tile, and under furniture.
Good luck, WcV

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kaismama 21 Sep 2014

You should check the label. This is the answer from the manufacturers web site on it.

Some premise product labels give a specific time frame for re-entering the treated area, so the label should always be checked first. If the product label doesn't give a re-entry time, then it's okay for pets and people to return once the treated surfaces have dried. Our premise sprays dry quickly, but there isn't an exact amount of time that can be predicted in every situation. As a rule of thumb, we recommend at least a 20 minute drying time when using a Vet-Kem® aerosol spray and a 1-hour drying time when using a Vet-Kem® pump spray for the home.

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