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How long does one 5 milligram Valium stay in your system?


Stephen Treloar 3 Dec 2017

It can be detected by blood test for 8 to 45 days. Urine tests will show earlier clearance after 8 days (tests test for metabolites rather than the active drug which is why it shows up long after the effects have worn off).

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Caddydaddy59 11 May 2018

My husband's doctor just text him and said that he had no trace of the Valium in his blood work but he hadn't taken it for a couple of days so he is cutting him off

Caddydaddy59 11 May 2018

How long does a Valium 5 stay in your system

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Stephen Treloar 13 May 2018

At a minimum it should be about 5 days.

Issac shlemou 25 Sep 2018

How long does 8 Valium 5mg take to get out of your body? free discount card

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