Hi all. Last night I took one 10mg dose of the generic Lexapro (Escaphram, I think?) Within 20 minutes my heart started racing and skipping beats. I got VERY anxious and had a full blown panic attack. It was so bad that I literally didn't sleep last night, and my wife had to constantly calm me down throughout the night because I legit thought I was dying. I kept shaking and trembling, heart was pounding, racing thoughts...

I ended up seeing my doc today who basically told me nothing was wrong, did an EKG, all that good stuff. Everything came back normal. Also, I'm wearing a Wevent cardio monitor for 30 days, so I'm assuming if something was really wrong, I'd get some type of notification.

Anyway, the panic symptoms have sort of subsided, but now I keep getting these weird waves of tingles all through my body. Makes it very hard to concentrate since it's been constant for about 5 hours now.

I'm pretty miserable at the moment. The doc gave me a prescription for a beta blocker to stop my heart from racing and to replace my prescription of 10mg of lisinopril (which also gave me a racing heart). Anyone know how long this will last on just one dose? Hoping to be better by Monday since I start a new job.