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Does lisinopril have sulfa in it?

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kaismama 21 Oct 2012

Why would you even think to ask that? Why would a blood pressure med have sulfa in it? No it doesn't.

Dlgonnet 10 Aug 2013

Actually, this is not a silly question, and your answer isn't that simple. Lisinopril is often coupled with HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) as a diuretic to treat high blood pressure. HCTZ is, in fact, a sulfonamide. Your doctor must specify Lisinopril without. HCTZ. I have an allergy to Sulfa, hence to HCTZ. It made my feet, ankles and hands swell to a dangerous level mimicking symptoms of blood clots. Especially in my case when the swelling generally presented in one foot/ankle or the other at a time. You can also look at the molecular structures of most drugs in the patient information pamphlet or on the internet. Sulfonamides appear as a capital 'S' so double check with your doctor, pharmacist, or poison control before taking. Best of luck to you!

Brewski45 26 Jun 2015

The truth of the matter is if your allergic to sulfa's you need to go on line and type in name of drug then right behind it is there sulfa in it you will be surprised it will say (read carefully ) if your allergic to sulfa don't take And mind you I have it noted in my husbands records at pharmacey it doesn't pop warning He started rashing again found 3 more drugs he is taking that say that free discount card

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