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Since lisinopril and meloxicam can affect our kidney function, is there another BP RX I can take?

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awesomedebbie 21 April 2018

My kidneys were fine 6 months ago after taking lisinopril my function went from 100 percent to 40 percent. Going to have an ultrasound tomorrow to see how severely damaged they are. All because of being overmedicated by a PA.

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timurray2000 19 July 2018

I’m in the same boat. Was taking Meloxicam and added Lisinopril and kidneys about shut down.

Nattjenta 2 May 2015

Rhonniea, you need to find a doctor to answer these questions. You can't go in and tell a doctor you heard about another medication and you want to take that. Blood Pressure is serious business. I almost died from it! Take what your doctor tells you to take. Or, if you don't like your doctor, find another one.

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Nattjenta 26 April 2015

I think the relationship with lisinopril and Kidney function is if you already have Kidney disease when you start taking it. Do you have Kidney disease, or are you just afraid you will get it? When it comes to HBP you want to make sure you take your medicines as directed by your doctor. If you don't trust that your doctor knows what he's doing, find another doctor you feel better with. HBP can damage ALL your vital organs, so you want to make sure you get it back down and keep it down. Ask me how I know...

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Maria jane 29 April 2015

I would like more information please I'm intressend.

PepperM 25 April 2015

lisinopril and the company that makes it had a class action lawsuit against them. Look it up online. Maybe it actually works for a lot of people. Those people need to look into it more. I'm glad to hear that it helped improve your condition. Plz be careful anyone who uses it.

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Willie words 16 April 2018

I need to no who to contact about the Lisinopril class action lawsuits can anyone help me

awesomedebbie 21 April 2018

Thank you, it has screwed up my life and I'm 46. I just contacted attorneys. I'm living a nightmare right now because of the medication (lisinopril)

Willie words 21 April 2018

Well I've taken Lisinopril and meloxicam and I tell you my mouth was swollen headaches pains in my stomach I had to stop taking it I told my doctor about it and she just gave me something else is there a law suit for these people that have taken his stuff can anyone help me find the right lawyers or lawsuit attorneys

sara12345 25 April 2015

Lisinopril can improve kidney function. I don't know about meloxicam and all situations, but my nephrologist (kidney specialist) at a major university medical hospital recommended that I take Lisinopril for my stage 3 kidney failure. Indeed there are a number of U.S. Government National Institute of Health studies which show improved kidney function with Lisinopril.

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PepperM 25 April 2015

Sara I wasn't being rude. I just thought you should know. : )

sara12345 25 April 2015

No offense taken. I just wanted people to know that the statement that "Lisinopril does cause kidney damage." isn't necessarily true according to a most reputable research organization.

PepperM 23 April 2015

I take Clonidine. It has been working good for me for the last 6 months. It also helps with my anxiety. Lisinopril does cause kidney damage.

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machiko1 21 Feb 2017

Lisip is acuallly given as a protection for your kidneys against other drugs and conditions such as diabetes. free discount card

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