... oz. I was told to rub it on my legs or feet when experiencing cramps. I spray approx 4 sprays into the palm of my hand & then rub into the cramping area. The cramping stops within 1 min. to 3 min. Eight spays amount to 1,120 mg of fluid.
I was also told to spray 4 to 8 pumps into my palms & rub onto the bottoms & tops of my feet & it would help the problems I have had for many years of extensive peripheral neuropathy in my feet & lower legs which create problems with stabbings pains as well as a feeling of numbness & weakness. I have been using this magnesium for 5 weeks now & it is working great for the cramps but I am experiencing troubles controlling the muscles in my feet & ankles beyond anything I have had before. Is it possible that the magnesium can be entering my body at a higher rate than safe through the skin absorbing the oil??? Any intelligent info would be deeply appreciated.
Thanking you, Bob