I've had Brazilian waxing done in the past and had no issues. I am 29 and have just been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis. My doctor says that I do not have any visual symptoms of the condition but is diagnosing me based on these fact: I am extremely itchy on my vulva and labia and I made an appointment right away at the first signs of itchyness, I tested negative on all std's, yeast infection and BV. And the clobetasol cream she prescribed has almost completely resolved my itch after 10 days. I'd say I'm 5% itchy compared to before. I'm instructed to apply 1-2 times weekly for maint. It is so much cleaner and easier to apply the cream when I don't have hair down below, but I'm not sure if I can get a Brazilian wax now that I have this condition? Any advice? Any ladies out there with LS able to get waxed?