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Lichen Sclerosus - Has anyone found any food which either exacerbates or relievess LS?


Azmerelda 28 Dec 2017

Yes! And I'm glad you are asking this because I think it may be an important clue to navigating LS.
My triggers are dairy and onions, over doing sugar at times, but my thought is that any food allergy (or sugar over-do) may be a trigger for LS as an allergen is going to cause inflammation in the body and that inflammation will need to express itself. The problem is finding all of ones personal food allergens. Conventional allergy testing is not very accurate. The only way to truly do this is through an elimination diet, which takes time and discipline but ultimately will be telling. With food allergies, you can't just say, "oh I'll just eat a tiny bit of my trigger food", that's like being allergic to bee stings and saying, "oh, at least I only got one sting instead of several" - doesn't matter, you will get a reaction one way or the other.
Wondering if you have experienced food doing this with your own LS.

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